Modino has many strings to its bow.

At Modino, you will find everything to do with telecoms – both new and used. We buy, sell, distribute, and recycle.
We also offer a wide range of other services.

You can read more about our services below.

Accessory services

Modino specialises in accessories. We closely monitor market trends and offer a wide range of tailored products based on our customers’ needs. As a manufacturer, we always listen closely to what our customers tell us

Our product team is also happy to help our retailers with services such as category management, and planogram development.

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Or check out our suppliers and own products here.

Complete mobile service

At Modino we accept second-hand mobile phones, and we do repairs before we resell them back into the market. We have extensive experience and a solid infrastructure for repurchases and exchanges.

We can also apply screen protection, perform software updates and take care of charging and registration with the desired mobile device management system (MDM). We offer the mobile management systems Apple DEP, Google Zero-touch and Samsung Knox.

Handling returns

From our centrally located headquarters in Skedsmokorset we cover all areas of Norway and ensure that returns are processed as quickly as possible – for the vast majority of our customers. Over many years, we have established reliable and efficient procedures and the capacity to cover all our customers’ needs.


Modino has an efficient logistics organisation with years of experience. We offer our customers flexible solutions within traditional distribution. This includes solutions for third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL).

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We offer platforms that ensures flexibility for your business, allowing you to efficiently administer and manage your mobile devices. With our device management service, you can update and protect users, devices, applications and data. We offer solutions from Apple DEP, Google Zero-touch and Samsung Knox.

Contact our customer serivce team for help registering your devices.

Online store solutions

Together with our partner, Bluestone, we can offer top modern online store solutions tailored to the telecom industry. Modino can assist with warehousing services, distribution, production administration, order processing and customer management. Our customers can run their stores with our help or leave everything to us. Whatever you choose, we guarantee smooth and profitable online store operation – regardless of the size of your business or needs.

Contact Telco ACP or our customer service team!

Tenders and major deliveries

We are both a supplier and advisor to our B2B customers. Modino can help you with the entire process – from initial enquiry to end delivery.

We act as coordinator when multiple manufacturers are needed to respond to a tender enquiry – to provide our end customers with an end-to-end and seamless service.

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Value chain

Our services extend the lives of mobile phones. We have established procedures for repurchasing, repairs and recycling. This allows us to refurbish, distribute and increase the lifetime on used mobile phones.

Value-creating distribution

We sell mobile phones and accessories from a wide range of renowned suppliers.

You can learn more about our suppliers here!

Our suppliers and partners

We offer a broad range of products from well-known suppliers and partner with all the major players in the telecom industry.

Our products Our partners

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