Because Phone Accessories are Meant to Last

We believe in things that last. 

Our strategy is designed to encourage customers to shop for high-quality products with a timeless look. Phone cases and screen protection aren’t fashion wear and shouldn’t be replaced each season. 

We believe in maintaining our phones as we do our valuables – that’s why we make products designed to protect and last.


If it’s a choice between the cheap stuff that needs to be replaced or quality items that will last, Key spends the extra money short term to save money in the long run.

Key is high-quality phone accessories with clean design and solid materials – doing the job it’s supposed to, protecting your investment and digital life.

All KEY packaging is produced with recycled FSC ® -certified paper. The well-known FSC® label ensures responsible use of the world’s forest resources. More information about FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) can be found at

Our product categories


We produce mobile accessories of high quality, good materials and with a simple and timeless design. Products that do the job they promise to do, protect your investment and your digital life.

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Soft cases

We can choose our covers according to trend and style, but there are more important features. Consider how the phone feels in your hand – our covers are designed to reinforce a good grip. The best protection against dropping your phone on the ground is not to drop it in the first place.

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Safety glass

Our smartphones allow us to keep in touch with our loved ones, stay informed, and take pictures of memories that matter – no wonder we want to protect them from harm.

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Key Originals

We believe in taking care of our phones as we take care of our exclusive possessions – that’s why we develop products that are created to protect and last. In our Original range you can also find your favorite colour.

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